Sugar Mill Machinery

Don Fry has been a major contributor to the development of new and innovative sugar cane processing equipment for the Australia Sugar Industry since the 1960’s.  Some projects include:

Circular Bagasse Storage Bins

The automated circular bagasse storage and reclaim system was developed as a fully automated fuel storage facility providing continuous fuel to the boilers.

The NQEA circular bin is well proven in over 27 fully automatic installations worldwide, 24 of which are in Australia, 2 in Fiji and 1 to Jamaica.

These units are a key component for providing economical cogeneration at many sugar mills.

Continuous Vacuum Pan

The continuous vacuum pan was a joint development between NQEA and the Sugar Research Institute of Mackay providing an alternative to the existing batch process.

Continuous ‘A’ Grade Fugal

The development of the continuous fugal for the separation of molasses from sugar – replacing the more complex and expensive Dutch model.

Winner:  IE Aust. Engineering Excellence Award – Qld. Division 1990.

Bulk Storage Sugar Bins

The development of large Bulk Storage Sugar Bins with multiple discharge outlets and the corresponding advancement of bulk bin design criteria.  A major failure and rebuilding of a sugar bin designed by Don Fry and built by NQEA led to extensive research and development of large bins.

Paper presented to the ASSCT Conference 1978 ‘Design Data for Bulk Sugar Storage Bins – Recipient of President’s Medal.

Automatic Road to Rail Bin Transfer System

Winner – Australian Transport Award

Weighbridge Tipplers

Design and construction of 20 weighbridge tipplers, including 3 in SE Asia.  The integration of the NQEA weighbridge and tippler was the first in Australia to achieve government certification for the Sugar Industry.

Bulk Sugar Sheds

Construction and erection of steelwork for three Bulk Sugar Sheds and the design and construction of the associated Bulk Handling System at Cairns and the Mackay upgrade.

Other Sugar Mill Machinery

Design and construction of numerous Evaporators, Juice Heaters, Rotary Vacuum Filters, Sugar Driers and ancillary equipment.